Doctor On Call (DOC): Dr Julian Tan – Ischemic Heart Disease (Part 1)

DOC Dr Julian Tan Ischemic Heart Disease

Doctor On Call, or DOC for short, is a brand new series brought to you by Medical Channel Asia. This series aims to bring doctors and specialists from various fields to give you an introduction to common health and medical topics that you and the Asian population are interested in. In our 7th DOC, held on 19 Oct (Tuesday), from 8pm to 9pm (GMT+8), we have Dr Julian Tan, Interventional Cardiologist at The Cardiology Practice, to talk to us about Ischemic Heart Disease and how COVID-19 affects the heart.

This 3-part cardiology webinar series aims to educate the Asian population on the different aspects of cardiac conditions, ranging from the risk factors of heart diseases, to the most current updates on CPR, and the types of treatment options available after a heart attack.

For Part 1 of the forum, we have Dr Julian give us a short presentation on one of the most common heart disease: ischemic heart disease, and the treatment options available. In Part 2, Dr Julian answers some of the questions posted by our audience, both collated from the registration process, and also posted LIVE. Read below to find out what more about ischemic heart disease, and find out how COVID-19 can actually affect our hearts!

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