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If you have noticed advertisements featuring asian women around you, be it on television, posters at the bus stops, or a full-coloured glossy magazine page, you cannot help but realise that all these ladies will usually possess the smoothest, silkiest skin, often with a dewy finish.

Asians have been known to pride themselves on having great skin, and this was probably further inflated with the all-too-popular 10-step Korean skincare regime which made waves a few years ago. But, truth be told, only a few are blessed with unblemished skin. Wrinkles, dark circles, pimples, spots, scars are a perpetual problem for many. In fact, asian skin is known to be more prone to acne breakouts, scarring, and hyper-pigmentation as compared to our western counterparts, who find themselves more prone to wrinkles or early signs of skin aging¹. 

True enough, it is important to build a proper skin care routine which involves cleansing, toning, and moisturising, just to name a few, which may help maintain the glow of your skin. But there are other equally important factors that can enhance the overall health of your skin and let it shine. 

Watch What You Eat

Start adding food rich in vitamins and healthy fats for radiant skin – some examples are citrus fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, avocados, fatty fish like salmon and cod, and nuts and seeds like sunflowers, almonds and walnuts. These foods contain important Vitamins like vitamin C, D, E, and K which help with collagen synthesis, antioxidants to protect from harmful UV rays, and improved healing from any scars or blemishes. 

Minimise your intake of dairy, overtly sugary, spicy and oily food that has been shown to result in acne breakouts. Alongside food, you should also pay special attention to hydrating your body and your skin by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily – or more if you find yourself perspiring often in the tropical heat while outside. 

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise increases the flow of blood in your body, thereby bringing a natural glow to your face too with the improved circulation. This may help to reduce fine lines and prevent premature sagging of the skin. As we know, for a better looking body, one exercises. But similarly, for a better looking face, you can also do facial exercises to engage and tighten the more than 57 facial muscles that you possess!  


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Get Sufficient Sleep

Like good food and exercise, sleep is also highly essential for the skin to rejuvenate. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every day. When you sleep, the position you take increases blood flow to your face and the act of resting helps your muscles relax. Sufficient sleep reduces wrinkles, puffiness on the eyes and may make your skin look healthier and refreshed. 

Try to lie on your back instead of resting on your face while lying in bed. But if you must, opt for softer sheets like those made of pure cotton or silk to minimise any abrasion. Apart from that, it is recommended to wash your pillowcases at least once a week to ensure a hygienic environment for the skin on your face. You can not imagine how much debris, dust and dead skin can build up on that piece of cloth you lay your head on every night!

Apply Sunscreen All The Time

Continuous exposure to sunlight can result in wrinkles and age spots. Prevent this by using a good quality sunscreen every time, preferably 30 minutes before you step out of the house, regardless or not if it is cloudy and rainy. And apply sunscreen, even while indoors. Because indirect sunlight still does stream in from the windows. In our tropical, sunny climate in this part of the world, It is best to go for a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 which can block both UVA and UVB rays. 

More importantly, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or excessive perspiration.


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Remove Your Makeup Daily 

Just as you require air to breathe, so does your skin! During the day, makeup products can clog your skin’s pores. Thus, before hitting the bed at night, it is imperative to remove all traces of makeup and accumulated dust and dirt from your face, ultimately helping your skin to breathe.

The best natural way to remove makeup is by wiping the face with olive oil or coconut oil. If not, you can also use conventional makeup removal products. And contrary to popular belief, an oily cleanser is actually recommended for an effective, gentle cleanse of all skin types, even for people with oily skin. This is because most make-up products are oil-based, and as oil dissolves oil, using an oil-based cleanser will make the most sense. You may complete the cleanse with a second water-based cleanser, and do not forget to moisturise the face before hitting the hay. 

A healthy lifestyle is key to feeling and looking good inside and out. Gift yourself the eternal gift of good health accompanied with a healthy, glowing face to complete the look.

1. Chan, I.L., Cohen, S., da Cunha, M.G. and Maluf, L.C. (2019), Characteristics and management of Asian skin. Int J Dermatol, 58: 131-143.

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