Recovering from the Holiday Hangover

Holiday Hangover

Whether you are travelling, shopping, or getting together with family or friends, alcohol is an indispensable part of the holiday season. While a moderate amount of alcohol gets us tipsy and happy, too much drinking gives us hangovers – symptoms of severe headache, nausea, muscle ache and fatigue caused by drinking excess alcohol.

This essay will bring you 5 supplements to prepare for your next hangover. 

N-acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), as a nutritional supplement, is a great antioxidant for our body. As we are aware, alcohol must be metabolised in the liver before excretion. The process utilises a large amount of glutathione molecules in the liver, which might result in acute depletion if drinking a large amount of alcohol over a short period of time. The lack of glutathione could delay the metabolism of alcohol, which gives us a hangover. Even worse, it may cause acute liver failure as well. NAC, however, is a precursor of L-cysteine that quickly replenish glutathione level once administered. 

Other than helping with hangovers, it is also commonly administered in hospital settings for acute liver failure caused by overdose, or to help break down mucus in patients with respiratory conditions.  It is usually well tolerated in patients and only occasionally causes flushing, transient skin rash, and constipation. 

NAC Tablets

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential vitamins that help to form red blood cells and our DNA molecules. It also plays a key role in our neurological systems. Most of our vitamin B12 comes from food such as meat, dairy products, eggs etc. Drinking even a little amount of alcohol can reduce B12 absorption significantly. Thus, taking some Vitamin B12 supplements can help restore the amount loss caused by alcohol consumption, and help people recover from the hangover. As it is part of our normal diet, no side effects have been noted. Consult the product description for the amount required. 

Vitamin B12 Tablets

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

DHM, also known as ampelopsin, is an extra from the Japanese raisin tree. It has long been used in traditional eastern medicine to treat fever, parasitic infection, liver diseases, and hangovers. DHM targets GABA receptors in our brain to reduce the neurological effect of alcohol, thus reducing its intake and the hangover. Studies in rats have concluded that DHM counteracted acute alcohol intoxication, and withdrawal signs such as tolerance, anxiety, and seizure susceptibility. No major side effects have been reported, but consult your doctors if you are feeling unwell after taking these supplements. 

DHM Tablets

Hydrodol Before and After

Hydrodol has two sachets of power, one taken before and one after consuming alcohol. The Before powder contains a blend of antioxidants, selected vitamins, and amino acids to support energy production, vitality, and general health. It helps reduce the formation of free radicals and avoid potential liver damage. 

The After power contains electrolytes, selected vitamins, turmeric, and ginger. Alcohol drives the production of urine and promotes the loss of electrolytes. Turmeric and ginger have been used in traditional western medicine to minimize hangover effects. 

Hydrodol Sachets

The hangover patches

If you don’t like the idea of taking supplements, this hangover patch is the best for you. The patch can be put on any hairless area of skin, such as the upper arm, or lower back. It’s put on before your big night out, and the effect can last more than 12 hours. It contains many of the ingredients we mentioned above, such as glutathione, NAC, ginger, ginseng extract etc. Some people might develop minor skin itchiness on the area where the patch is applied, simply remove if you are uncomfortable. 

Hangover Patches


Despite all the supplements and remedies available on the marketplace, excessive amounts of alcohol and hangover are still bad for your liver and overall health. If you just had a big night out or are planning to have a good time with alcohol, choose the supplements you like, drink plenty of water, and enjoy your holiday!

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