Sleep, Pain, Kidney Stones – Top Stories and Articles of 2021 for MCA

MCA 2021 round off

As we round off 2021 and welcome 2022, let’s recap and take a look at what are the top 5 articles that Medical Channel Asia (MCA)’s readers have been interested in. Of course the leading topic of interest is still related to THE virus, our readers were also curious to find out more about other health topics such as those relating to women’s health, pain (lots of it), and sleep (or the lack of it).

To round off 2021 and recap, here are the top 5 articles and stories of Medical Channel Asia (in no particular order):

1. Are we always that tired? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Sleep

sleeping woman

It seems like we are a society that are always tired. Perhaps due to the modern and quick pace that we live in, forcing us to always needing a rest more than ever before. Are we always that tired? Is it the quality and not the quantity of sleep? Or are we actually facing something worse – a medical condition that causes you to always feel tired and sleepy?

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2. All sorts of pain – knee pain, back pain

knee pain

Could it have been the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic: forcing all of us to stay indoors and sit down for long hours due to working from home? This could have led to all sorts of pain issues, ranging from knee pain to back pain. Get off the couch and start moving now (hopefully that does not give you more pain)!

Read the articles on knee pain and back pain here.

3. Women’s health – Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

pelvic inflammatory pain

To all women reading: heads up! MCA also has a whole section just for you women out there, talking about all health and medical things concerning women, including infections and and other reproductive health issues. (P.S. to all men: no need to feel left out, we have a section for you as well)

Read the article on pelvic inflammatory disease here.

4. Kidney stones – make sure you drink enough water

kidney stones

Are people drinking less water and developing kidney stones? Everyone please get your water bottles filled up and stay hydrated – you do NOT want to develop kidney stones. Trust me. Find out other tips to prevent them in our article.

Read the article on kidney stones here.

5. Going back to spin classes? Be careful of rhabdomyolysis.


As the world continues to get vaccinated and booster shots against COVID-19, more easing of restrictions may have seen more people going back to exercise classes like spin classes. Beware of sudden increase in exercise intensity – you would not want to risk developing rhabdomyolysis, which can cause great damage to kidneys and other organs.

Read the article on rhabdomyolysis here.

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